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DisclaimerDeep Fried Beef and Rice Burritos My family and I really love Mexican Food, especially burritos and enchiladas!  So, I decided to make some Deep Fried Beef and Rice Burritos, I created this recipe years ago and it’s delicious.  We have always loved the Spanish Rice-a-Roni and hamburger, with Taco Seasoning.  So, I mixed them all together, added some Mexican Style cheese and made deep fried burritos, with the flour tortilla shells.  It’s a pretty easy recipe. Deep Fried Burritos Ingredients

How to Make Deep Fried Beef and Rice Burritos

I did my shopping at Fred Meyer for all the ingredients, except for the ground beef.  For the ground beef I went to my local butcher, Silvana Meats.  By getting the hamburger there, I know that it doesn’t have any fillers and it’s all natural, so that’s a big PLUS!


  • Two boxes of Spanish Rice-a-Roni
  • Two packages of Taco Seasoning
  • Two packages of Flour Tortillas
  • Two pounds of Ground Beef
  • One package of Mexican Style Cheese
  • Vegetable Oil


Brown the ground beef and drain.

Brown the hamburger
Add the Taco Seasoning and follow the directions on the package.

Cook one or both boxes of the Spanish Rice-a-Roni. I usually cook one box first, in a microwavable glass dish. The directions call for a can of tomatoes and 2¼ cup water, but I use only 2½ cups water and microwave it for about 17 minutes.

Making Rice-a-Roni

Once the ground beef mixture has simmered for 10-15 minutes and the rice is done, I start filling the tortillas, with the ground beef mixture, rice, shredded cheese and fold up the tortillas.

Once I have filled and folded all the tortillas, I start cooking the other box of rice for a side dish.

Then I fill a frying pan, with vegetable oil and start deep frying all the burritos.
I turn the burner almost to medium and it takes about 3-5 minutes for each burrito.

Deep Frying Burritos
So, now you have Deep Fried Beef and Rice Burritos, with a side dish of rice. You can also add refried beans to your burritos or add as a side dish.

Deep Fried Burritos

I decided to add tator tots to the meal, they’re also a family favorite.

Burrito, Rice and Tator Tot Dinner

What burrito recipes do you enjoy?

Written by Bonny Sallee

Bonny Sallee

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    These look wonderful. I haven’t fried them before like this but I am sure you are doing it right. I just leave the oil out. I will have to try it with the oil for it probably gives it the great flavor you need. Thanks for the tip. I need to make these one of these days!!

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