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It’s always so much fun to re-decorate a room and give it a whole new look!  Have you ever thought about putting up a Wall Mural in your home?  There are so many beautiful Wall Murals, it’s hard to settle for just one!  There’s Scenic Murals, Sea Murals, Tuscan Murals, Tropical Murals and so many more awesome scenes!  I have always wanted to create a room that is all tropical, with a tropical Wall Mural it would be pretty easy to create the perfect paradise in your own home!  Add a ceiling fan, some wicker furniture, seashells, battery operated Tiki Torch Lights in a planter with tropical plants.  You could even have a salt water aquarium in the room, the possibilities are endless.  With the help of Wall Murals, you can create the room of your dreams!


I was looking at Total Wallcovering’s website and I found this Wall Mural that would be perfect, it’s call A Perfect Day!  I think it would be awesome to have a Wall Mural in every room.


There are Wall Murals for everybody!  Do you have a little girl that thinks shes a princess?  This Castle Wall Mural would be perfect for her!  How about Lightening McQueen’s Piston Cup Racing Cars Mural for your little boy?  Total Wallcovering’s has Wall Murals for teens and babies, so that would take care of the younger generation!


Are you the type of person that would like something more outdoorsy and rustic?  How about the Quiet Place Wall Mural?  I love the deer in the picture with the log cabin!


Maybe you would like the Tuscany look, like in the Giardino Antico Wall Mural, it would be perfect for a dining room!


Do you have a bathroom without a window or no window above your kitchen sink?  This Coastal Window Gazebo on the Beach Window Wall Mural would give the illusion that you have a window.


You can also put a window Wall Mural on any wall that doesn’t have a window and you could even hang a curtain around it, wouldn’t that be cute?


Here’s another awesome window wall mural, that’s called Wintergarden!  With this Wall Mural you could add a bunch of your own plants and it would probably look pretty real!

2005-Ford GT-Through-the-Wall-Wall-Mural

This 2005 Ford GT “Through the Wall” Wall Mural would be perfect for the man cave in your home, along with that you could have a Football Stadium Wall Mural.


As you can tell the possibilities are endless of what you could do to give your home a whole new look, with the perfect Wall Mural!  I would highly recommend the Wall Murals from!

Written by Bonny Sallee

Bonny Sallee

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