LeRoy’s Gourmet Flavored Ketchup Review and Giveaway – Ends 03-13-12

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Have you ever tried Gourmet Ketchup?  For this review I had an awesome opportunity to try five of LeRoy’s Mouth Watering Gourmet Flavored Ketchup’s, all I can say is WOW, they are delicious and very full of flavor!  LeRoy’s also has Spice Bagettes!  Here are the five delicious flavors I had the opportunity to try:

  • Homemade Chili
  • Mustard & Spice
  • Dill & Celery
  • Beer & Onions
  • Smokey Mesquite

About LeRoy’s Gourmet Flavored Ketchup

Their mouth watering LeRoy’s gourmet flavored ketchup, started as a light hearted discussion during a routine grill out luncheon with the MMGroup staff about flavored mustard, and the many wonderful options on the marketplace.

As they have proven with their entrepreneurial spirit in the past with other nationwide recognized consumable products they have produced since 1999, this conversation immediately turned toward a new possibility for them…LeRoy’s gourmet flavored ketchup was born.

Discussing further, they didn’t want to dismiss the fact that the amazing grandfather companies like Heinz and Del Monte’ had total domination in the plain tomato ketchup market.  They took a great deal of time researching specialty ketchup, and their searches turned up fairly empty.  Yes, there are a couple German companies making a fantastic curry ketchup, and one or two spicy ketchups out there – but very difficult to find and clearly not memorable enough to talk about.

Their goal was simple.  Unique flavors.  Gourmet, handmade small batches.  Nationwide distribution first, then world wide.

You will be Lovin LeRoy’s Gourmet Flavored Ketchup!  Ketchup is quintessentially American.  Where would burgers, hot dogs, and fries be without the tasty red stuff?

At LeRoy’s, they’ve kicked it up a notch, and invite you to try their Gourmet Flavored Ketchup.  Available in 12-ounce squeezable bottles, they have a flavor for every mood:

  • Smokey Mesquite – This was my favorite!  It taste like a barbeque ketchup.
  • Beer & Onions - I love onions, so this was one of my favorites!
  • Homemade Chili - This ketchup does taste like homemade chili, it was also delicious!
  • Dill & Celery – I never though a ketchup could possibly taste like celery, but it does and it is mouth watering!
  • Mustard Spice – I love mustard, so this was a very tasty ketchup.

Crispy Bacon Ketchup will be coming out sometime in April.

    It’s really hard to decide which one you like best, but it’s great to have a different flavor for every mood or for different types of food.  I would definitely recommend LeRoy’s Gourmet Flavored Ketchup! 

    Perfect for cooking, excellent for dipping, and the ultimate condiment, Gourmet Flavored Ketchup is sure to deliver an extra punch to your favorite dishes.  So why wait? Buy some today and launch your culinary adventure!

    LeRoy’s is running a contest right now, for free bottles of gourmet ketchup delivered to your front door!
    Check out LeRoy’s site to see how you can enter!  Where is LeRoy?  Consumers submit their image of a bottle of LeRoy at their favorite city sign, stadium, location…No faces, just the bottle and location.

    They are picking a winner of their favorite image every 3 months, for 5 free bottles, THEN an ultimate winner each year picked in November, for a $100 gift certificate for groceries – Or they can waive it and it will be donated to a local pantry just in time for holidays.

    ***There are four Tweets you can do each day for 8 extra entries, but must be 3 hours apart!  
    Your entry will be disqualified if you do not leave a link or your user name when asked.

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    A product sample was received for review. I was not paid in any form of cash for this posting. The opinions expressed are my own and were NOT influenced in any way.

    Giveaway ends March 13, 2012 (12:01 AM EST)
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    The giveaway is only opened to the Continental United States.    
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    Written by Bonny Sallee

    Bonny Sallee

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