The Top Way to Mince Garlic – Garlic Press Vs Knives

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Kitchen gadgets are so much fun to use and they make cooking so much easier!  Have you heard of the Stainless Steel Propresser Garlic Press yet?  Most garlic presses are made out of cheap zinc alloy, but the Propresser Garlic Press is fashioned from 100% stainless steel.  That way it won’t rust, weaken at the joint and it won’t break.  It’s a heavy duty garlic press that will last you for years.
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Kiva Organic Cacao Powder – #kivaCacao

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Cacao is one of the richest sources of antioxidants and it’s considered a superfood!  The Mayan and Aztec cultures consumed cacao for centuries due to its invigorating health properties.  With all the nutritious benefits of cacao, you can use it in baking, smoothies, beverages, yogurt and so many other creative ways.  It has been used as a stimulant, antibacterial, antioxidant and protector of the cardiovascular system.
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Tiger Nuts Review – #tigernutsusa

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Eating nutritious snacks is so much better for you, instead of processed sweets.  Have you heard of Tiger Nuts yet?  Tiger Nuts are not actually nuts, but tubers that grow on the ground.  They are nutritious, gluten free and organic.  They are full of fiber, vitamins and they even have zero trans fats!  That’s always a big plus!
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Ark Survival Gear Heirloom Seeds – #Arksurvival

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Around the world more and more natural disasters are occurring.  It’s a wise choice to be prepared and the heirloom seeds can help!  Ark Survival Gear has the most impressive heirloom vegetable garden seeds, the package has thirty separate varieties of seed packets.  There are over 7500+ High Quality Heirloom Seeds, which are NON-GMO Organic, as well as NON-Hybrid Seeds.  All the seeds are proudly USA sourced, plus the best part of all is they come with a LIFETIME GUARANTEE and Bonus Survival Guide.  They’re stored in a breathable paper storage package, NOT Plastic!
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Everyday Kitchen Essentials Nut Milk Bag Review

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There are more and more people everyday that are trying to improve their eating habits.  Have you tried making your own nut milk, with a Nut Milk Bag yet?  You can make Almond Milk, Hazel Nut Milk and many other nut milks.  After I read the book, Vegetarian to Vegan I decided that I would give up regular milk and start drinking Almond Milk.  Almond Milk is so much healthier for you and I think it taste a whole lot better, plus it’s a Vegan Beverage.
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Indian Sari Cushion Covers Giveaway – Ends 08-30-14

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People love decorating their homes and adding their own personal touch.  Cushion Covers are always perfect for putting your own comfy pillows in and adding your own personal style.  Worldcraft Industries has the most decorative pillow covers that I have ever seen and they are absolutely beautiful!
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The Perfect Cat DeShedding Tool – #Cats

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Pets are like one of the family and they do tend to get spoiled.  #Cats love to groom themselves, but they end up swallowing way to much hair.  The Petgroomer’s Cat DeShedding Tool comes in very handy to help remove a lot of that hair, so they won’t end up swallowing it.  The DeShedding Tool will really help eliminate hair balls, plus your cat will love being brushed!
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Vegetarian to Vegan Book Review – #Vegan


Reasons to Become a #Vegan

Leading physicians and nutritionists are calling dairy products “Liquid Meat”, due to the nasty effect they have on our bodies!  Did you know that most dairy products are full of saturated fat and cholesterol?  Those dairy products have been linked to heart disease, diabetes, osteoporosis, autoimmune diseases and many cancers.  Even fat-free dairy products are linked to many of these same problems!
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Mia Mariu Skin Nourishing Oil Giveaway – Ends 08-26-14

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Finding the perfect product to keep your skin firm, smooth and luminous can be a challenge.  Have you heard of Mia Mariu Skin Nourishing Oil?  It’s the perfect skin Nourishing Oil!  It contains oils from Sweet Almond, Avocado, Wheat Germ, Safflower Seed, Soybean, along with Lemon, Orange and Grapefruit essential oils.  It’s also rich with botanical extracts like Chamomile, Cucumber & Lavender that provide anti-inflammatory, moisturizing and healing support for your skin.  The oil provides deep penetrating soothing moisture that rejuvenates the skin, without blocking pores.  It helps promote collagen production, which helps keep the skin young and supple looking.  The best part of all is that it’s alcohol free, sulfate free and paraben free.  It’s the perfect oil for all skin types and ages!
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ATTITUDE Laundry Detergent & Softener Review – #laundry

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With all the chemicals in products these days, you really need to be careful.  Have you ever heard of ATTITUDE Laundry Detergent and Fabric Softener?  It’s a hypoallergenic detergent and fabric softener that’s specially formulated for baby’s sensitive skin, while leaving laundry naturally clean and soft.  The best part of all is that it’s a vegan product!
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